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Inventory of Custom Pen-Making Supplies

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We offer a varied inventory of custom pen making supplies at Speakeasy Pen Emporium & Supply Co.

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.75 Silicone plugs for 3/4″ PVC pipe


1″ Spindle Washer


½” Keyless Chuck MT1


½” Keyless Chuck MT2


10 Pack of Faux Leather Pen Sleeves


15mm Square Carbide Cutters- 3 Pack


15R2 Square Carbide Cutters-3 Pack


16mm Round Carbide Cutter-3 Pack


18mm Round Carbide Cutter-3 Pack


2.5 gallon HDPE pot rack

2.5 gallon HDPE pot rack


2nd Amendment Junior set


2nd Amendment- Bolt Action


2nd Amendment(A)


2nd Amendment(B)


2nd Amendment(C)


Proud to Serve the U.S. and Worldwide, Including Around OH, WV, and KY

The strictly-online service we provide extends throughout the United States, including in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, and neighboring regions. Speakeasy Pen Emporium & Supply Co also ships internationally Everything we sell is USA-made. Choose from product brands like Mercury glue and epoxy, Micro mesh polishing pads, Abranet sandpaper, and Allumilite casting resin.

View our assorted and affordable inventory of custom pen making supplies.