Everything  needed to get started with CA finishing pens.
This starter set includes 2 oz bottles of Mercury Thin Flex and Medium Flex CA and a 2 oz pump bottle of Accelerator (Heptane).
Plus 10 pieces of Abranet (two each of the following grits and sizes: 120, 180, 240, 320 & 400.
Also included is a set of T. Shadow’s Finishing Bushings

Mercury CA is Made in the USA and is truly different. Many who have tried have said that it goes on smoother and easier, as well as polishes to a higher gloss.

Abranet is a sanding mesh that is worlds better than traditional sandpaper. It lasts many times longer and provides a smooth, even scratch pattern. If it does load up with dust, just blow it through the mesh and keep on going.

With Mercury CA and Abranet, you can finish your pens in record time and end up with a finish that’s a sight to behold. Whether you like a satin finish that still feels like wood or if you’re going for the high gloss, glass-like finish, Mercury CA won’t let you down.

Total Value is $38.00, package price $35.00

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Everything needed to do a CA finish on pens.

1. 2oz. bottle of Mercury Thin Flex CA

1. 2oz. bottle of Mercury Medium Flex CA

1. 2oz. bottle of accelerator with spray cap

1. 10 pack of Abranet

1. Pack of 4 CA Bushings


Total Value $38.00

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Thin, Medium, Thick Gap Filling


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